• Year:2005
  • Publisher:Ocean Press
  • Language:Chinese;English;
  • ISBN:7-5027-6535-2


[ 2005 ]

China Marine Statistical Yearbook-2005 is a comprehensive reflection of the 2004 marine economic development and marine management services of the People's Republic of China. The statistical data scope of this yearbook is the development, management and utilization of marine resources and space in the ocean and coastal areas, the production and activities of the development of marine economy and the social and economic situation of coastal areas. The geographical scope is coastal cities and coastal areas, which are arranged in the order of administrative division code of the People's Republic of China. Yearbook materials include comprehensive information, coastal socio-economic, marine fisheries and related industries, marine oil and natural gas, coastal sands, marine salt industry, marine chemical industry, marine biological medicine, marine electricity and seawater utilization, marine shipbuilding industry, marine engineering construction, marine transportation, coastal tourism, othe..... unfold >>