• Year:2008
  • Publisher:Hubei People ’ s Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:978-7-216-05904-6


[ 2008 ]

China Book Yearbook 2008 volume as always, in order to enrich practical information, the establishment of regional publishing and distribution groups, the transformation and reform of publishing units, the construction of the publishing public service system focusing on the " Rural Library " project, the trend of listing in the industry, as well as cross-regional, cross-sectoral, cross-industry mergers and acquisitions, resource integration and other hot issues, focus on a full range of records and in-depth interpretation, broad prospects for digital publishing, promising " going out " strategy for the future development of great concern. At the same time, this volume also reflects the publishing industry in this year, such as increasing costs, national reading is declining, and publishing integrity system needs to be improved and perfected, objectively and comprehensively show the reform and development of the publishing industry in 2007. In addition, this volume pays more attention t..... unfold >>