• Year:1949-1992
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  • Language:Chinese
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[ 1949-1992 ]

Civil Affairs Statistics Historical Data Compilation is the first comprehensive and systematic historical statistical data reflecting the development of civil affairs in China. It is the crystallization of the hard work of the national civil affairs accountants and hundreds of thousands of civil affairs workers, including township assistants. It is the accumulation of their years of work achievements, the evidence and reality of the struggle of generations of civil affairs system, and the history of the development of civil affairs in New China. The compilation of capital data is based on the compilation of statistical data over the years since the founding of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the restoration of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In the compilation process, part of the data of the relevant units such as the Central Archives, the National Bureau of Statistics and so on are collected and referenced, which truthfully reflect the construction of grass-roots political power,..... unfold >>