• Year:2007
  • Publisher:Hubei People ’ s Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:978-7-216-05227-6


[ 2007 ]

At the same time of objectively recording the reform and development of the industry, Volume 2007 of China Book Yearbook pays attention to the deep grasp of the hot spots and focus issues in the industry. The columns such as “ annual focus ”, “ annual figures ” and “ book business records ” trace historical events and figures, linking a large number of materials, making the records more comprehensive and rich. In the situation of fierce competition in the book industry and increasingly prominent brand awareness and quality awareness, the new column of “ Mingshe Classics ” in this volume details the breeding, growth and development of high-quality books of Mingshe, providing reference for the industry. continue to pay attention to the in-depth mining and analysis of data, add 'the ranking of the number of books published by the top 100 publishing houses in China' and the ranking of the number of books published by various publishing houses such as literature and art, science and technol..... unfold >>