• Year:2006
  • Publisher:Hubei People ’ s Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-216-04890-3


[ 2006 ]

In addition to objectively and comprehensively reflecting the achievements and reform of the book publishing industry, Volume 2006 of China Book Yearbook made efforts in the following aspects:First, 2005 was a special year to summarize the “ 15th Five-Year Plan ” and the “ 11th Five-Year Plan ”. This volume broke through the annual limit, made a special review of the overall situation of the book publishing industry during the “ 15th Five-Year Plan ”, and summarized the achievements and experience. 2. This volume has made a new exploration in the statistical data part, that is, the horizontal comparison of Beijing and Shanghai books is not deep enough, but it reflects our efforts to collate and analyze the annual data. 3. In the situation of intensified competition in the book industry and increasingly obvious book publishing characteristics, this volume specializes in the column of “ action of famous news agency ”, which introduces the work performance of book publishing units that ha..... unfold >>