• Year:1997
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  • Language:Chinese
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[ 1997 ]

China Civil Affairs Statistical Yearbook is the civil affairs finance department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China, the compilation and publication of the relevant civil affairs finance work information, policy journals. Yearbook since the revision in 1996, further by the local civil affairs departments, the community support and fully affirmed. The Yearbook published in 1997 further strengthened the work of topic selection and promoted it to be more detailed, accurate, and practical. 1997 Yearbook focuses on the development of national policies and statistics on the work of civil and financial affairs in 1996, which consists of eight parts:(1) important instructions and speeches on the work of civil and financial affairs under the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Affairs; (2) policies and regulations on civil fiscal work; (3) practices and experiences in strengthening time management throughout the country; (4) Selected excellent civil and financial..... unfold >>