• Year:1991
  • Publisher:China Social Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-80088-213-6


[ 1991 ]

1991 Civil Affairs Statistical Yearbook is based on the Ministry of Civil Affairs Statistical Annual Report, Capital Construction Statistical Annual Report and the final accounts of civil affairs. Yearbook systematically edited China's political power construction (grass-roots political power and mass autonomous organization construction), social security undertakings (special care placement, social welfare, disaster relief, rural social security), social affairs (administrative divisions, community management, marriage management, reception and repatriation, funeral undertakings) and other aspects of statistical data, national civil affairs budget implementation, civil affairs institutions revenue and expenditure, civil affairs system infrastructure statistics, civil affairs system cadres and staff, government and military departments, engaged in social work research, teaching staff, understand the development of civil affairs work, predict future development trends, planning, has imp..... unfold >>